Roast chicken with roast veg

Roast chicken with roast potatoes, carrot and swede mash, cabbage, sprouts or cauliflower cheese


Yorkshire puddings and gravy
Whole chicken for roasting
Bag of carrots
Savoy cabbage
Cauliflower Cheese (or sprouts)


Place chicken in the bag into oven and cook for 1.5 hours
Peel and part boil the potatoes, drain and put back in the pan and shake to fluff up.
Put sunflower oil into an oven dish and place in oven at 200 degrees to heat for 10 mins,
once oil is shimmering, tip potatoes in, baste with the oil, then place in the oven for 45 mins – 1 hr (depending on your oven).
Boil carrot and swede, drain, then mash with a knob of butter.
Put cauliflower cheese into oven dish and bake with roast potatoes.
Make chicken gravy.
5 mins before the end put 2 yorkshire puds in the oven, then dish everything up and serve. 
You can add stuffing if you want.