Fundraising team

The fundraising group focuses on raising money for the continuation of Mission and Ministry in Bromborough.

The group works to organise and advise on events that generate income from the wider community and benefits the community by running social events for people who wouldn’t otherwise be in contact with the church.

The Church in Bromborough is at the centre of the community in so many ways. It’s where many of the locals were baptised, married, and where many funerals have been conducted for local families.

It’s also a hub that cares for the community. We’re always bidding for grants to fund our programmes for children, and to buy food for local families. Can you help us?

We need people to help power our projects, to help with bids and food distribution and to help with a wide variety of fundraising projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re a church goer. We just need help to help the community of Bromborough. Get in touch.


In The Centre, ad hoc – when necessary


Team Chair: Jane Gilchrist-Cavanagh