Our mission partners: Marcio and Noemi

At St Barnabas we contribute financially and prayerfully to the work of Marcio Ciechanovicz and Noemi Celeti in Brazil. They began a new mission project in 2023 and we are their partners. 

Just as we support them in their work, so they pray for us and we learn from them about how we can support others in our local community. By contributing to their living costs, they also help those of us here to live out the call on our lives which is to share the Good News of Jesus throughout the world. 

Marcio and Noemi are sponsored by the Church Missionary Society (CMS), which is made up of disciples of Jesus from various countries, cultural backgrounds and walks of life. 

CMS works on the edges of society and encourages others to do the same. It works with volunteers and sponsors people to work alongside communities all over the world. 

Read more about the work of Marcia and Noemi here: 
Marcio Ciechanovicz and Noemi Celeti, Brazil – Church Mission Society (CMS)

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