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 BillyChip offers a safe alternative to cash donations for the homeless in an increasingly cashless society. It was created by Billy Abernethy Hope, an ambulance driver from Bristol, who tragically passed away in 2018. Inspired by the difficulties faced by the homeless, Billy devised a token system to ensure donations are used for essentials. BillyChip is the safe and secure currency the public can donate directly to those facing homelessness, redeemable in central co-op stores for takeaway food and drink.

Who is this aimed at?
BillyChips are solely for the use of the rough-sleeping community, helping them access food and drink catering to their individual dietary requirements and eating schedules.

BillyChips cost £2 each and are redeemable for a minimum of a takeaway hot or cold drink. For two BillyChips, the recipient can purchase a meal deal.

How to get involved
Visit your local co-op central store or visit our outlet finder on the website

Visit the outlet finder on the Billy Chip website

Telephone: 0117 450 4060  

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