Notices for 21st April

Thanks from Anne Ellis

To all who attended her Birthday Party on Saturday or shared in her birthday celebrations in any other way. She is quite overwhelmed by the cards, flowers and good wishes. She is also delighted by the generous donations given to the Alzheimer’s Society. Thank you. 

CTBE Knit and Natter Group

Thank you to everyone who bought Easter Chicks, Bonnets and Bunnies. We raised £135 for the school farm at Gilbrook Special School.

The Children’s Corner – Sunday 11.00 am

For some time we had no children in church but gradually we have a little group joining us each week. Thanks to Thea for many weeks and last week Barbara Baxter who went into the space to be with the children. It is not fair to leave this ministry to just one person, neither is it fair that the children miss out. So, we are planning to set up a rota. The more people who volunteer the fewer weeks you will need to be there. For the time being, we just need one person each week.

You are not there to police the children, or to teach them, but rather to interact with them and enable their parents to hear and receive the word of God. They might bring their busy bags or we can provide other resources. In the long term we hope to get our Sunday club going again. Eight volunteers for this rota would mean once every two months. A few more and you would be at once a quarter. You do not have to be ‘good’ with children just a bit friendly. There is a sheet at the back to sign if you can or speak to me if you want more detail. Thank you in anticipation, Gill Walker

Silent Disco is cancelled for now but not forever!

New Date is 26th July.

What is a Silent Disco you ask? There is no noise except a bit of chatter. You have headphones and a choice of channels. You pick the music you like. Someone could be listening to Northern Soul, another 80’s dance music and a third heavy metal (I don’t actually know the exact choices, but you get the drift).

It’s funny because people are doing different types of listening or dance. The bar will be open. We are hoping to encourage people a little younger than some of us. Are you allowed to attend? Everyone is welcome as long as you can get up the stairs at the social club. 

Prayers for the APCM meeting on Sunday 28th April

Please pray with me that the right person comes forward as Churchwarden. I think we do have one person. We need another. Based on what I already know, we need someone who can take a lead in building maintenance, looking after the churchyard (but not necessarily doing the work) and making sure that Health and Safety checks are done (Andrew Watts has taken on that role from Jenny Hope so you don’t have to do it, just have oversight). It would help if you have an interest in supporting the work of the centre (I would like you to serve on the committee) as well as the congregation of St Barnabas and the Rector. You will not have to be on the Finance Team unless you wish. You do have to be on the Standing Committee but we meet rarely now and often matters are decided by email. Is this you? Could it be you? What is holding you back? Please come and talk to me. Jenny 

Donate to St Barnabas as you shop online!  

Sign up with and choose ‘PCC of St Barnabas, Bromborough’ as your chosen charity. If you need help ask Julie Watts or Thelma McGorry. 

For our Prayers

We continue to pray for good health and healing for Gordon Simmonds, Hilary Griffiths and Craig Dillon. We for Maureen Coleman who has had a fall at her new care home. We pray for our church family at home: Josie Davies, Thelma Williams and Pat Porter. We pray for the families of the Lt. Carl Huxley and the Lt. Bill Beckley.

We pray for our link Missionaries Marcio and Noemi and their children in Brazil. We thank God for the work that they are doing in Indaiatuba.  They are hosting a huge event 22nd -26th April for missionaries across Latin America. Pray for its success. More info next week. Please also pray for two new churchwardens and the people we need on PCC.  

Donate to St Barnabas as you shop online!  

Sign up with and choose ‘PCC of St Barnabas, Bromborough’ as your chosen charity.

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